More About Us

Central Pak N Mail is a local mailbox store that offers it’s customers a valid street address; with the choice of a digital  or physical mailing address.  Are you looking to start a business, increase your online presence or keep your personal address, private?  Central Pak N Mail is here to help.

With our digital mailboxes you can live anywhere in the world with real time access to your mail.  Your mail will be uploaded, scanned, shredded and more with the click of a few keystrokes.  Our physical mailboxes offers a valid street address, 24 hour access to your mail, package arrival and safe storage until picked up.

Central Pak N Mail –  keep your personal address private. We are located in Burbank, come check us out.

Digital Mailbox

Digital Mailboxes allows freedom.  Receive mail notifications from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world.  Receive real time notifications of mail through your phone and YOU instruct your mail center what to do; scan, trash, shred or file.  It’s all done with a click of the finger.

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Why Choose Us

Central Pak N Mail has a variety of good for sale. In addition to having available mailboxes for rent, PO Boxes, we have an array of greeting cards for every occasions.  We also sell massage guns for sale for the aching body, travel mugs, gift bags, wine bags and gift boxes.

Get all of your moving supplies with us.  Any box almost any size.  Packing tape, bubble wrap, specialty boxes and more.

Security and Privacy

More than keeping the documents from being misplaced, your P.O. box ensures that your documents do not fall into unauthorized hands.What if your business’s patent approval falls in the hands of a competing company? Your P.O. Box cannot be opened by anyone other than you. It gives you the privacy and the security that keeps your business safe and out of trouble.